All of our produce is grown from organically certified seeds and irrigated with our own well water. Eating organically grown food from your local area provides you and your family with the highest nutritional value, and with the best flavour.

We guarantee the freshest produce for our customers and all our bagged greens are picked, packed and delivered on the day of harvest.

Core product range:


Mixed Salad Leaves

Our mixed salad bags contain a seasonal mix of lettuce leaves, mild flavoured Chinese (mustard) leaves, herbs, and home-grown edible flowers. The contents of each bag is unique and may contain up to 12 different varieties of leaves.


We offer a selection of the most tasty, nutrient-dense microgreens in our ‘Supermix’; Peashoots, Sunflower shoots, Radish, Brocolli and Kale. Each of these varities have been subject to peer-reviewed research and some studies have found that they contain up to 40x the nutrients as their adult counterparts. Whats more they are tasty, crunchy and make an attractive addition to any dish. 


Quick to prepare, lightly steam or wilt in a pan with a little butter, and bursting with iron and magnesium, Gorse Farm spinach is an excellent accompaniment to any dish.