All of our produce is grown from organically certified seeds and irrigated with our own well water, originating from mountain springs. Eating organically grown food from your local area provides you and your family with the highest nutritional value, and with the best flavour.

We guarantee the freshest produce for our customers and all our bagged greens are given a shelf-life of one week from the time of picking.

Core product range:

Mixed Salad Leaves

Our mixed salad bags contain a seasonal mix of lettuce leaves, mild flavoured Chinese (mustard) leaves, herbs, and home-grown edible flowers. The contents of each bag is unique and may contain up to 12 different varieties of leaves.



Gorse Farm Rocket has a distinct peppery flavour and is a popular choice for salads and sandwiches as well as an addition to Italian dishes such as wilted on a pasta dish or a topping for pizza.



Quick to prepare, lightly steam or wilt in a pan with a little butter, and bursting with iron and magnesium, Gorse Farm spinach is an excellent accompaniment to any dish.



Kale is a veritable power-house of nutrients, being coined a ‘superfood’ by nutritionists worldwide. Gorse Farm grow four different kale leaves, each with unique properties of taste and health attributes.

  • Green curly is the most well-known amongst the range, long associated with colcannon.
  • Nero di Toscana, also known as Cavolo Nero, Black Kale or Tuscany kale, is the top choice for chef’s worldwide.
  • Red Russian kale has a red stem with green leaves. The leaves are slightly more tender than the other varieties with a sweet-nutty flavour.
  • Purple Curly kale aka Redbor kale is similar in appearance to green curly kale though with deep red running through the stem, veins and leaves. This red colour comes from anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants, the same colour pigments found in blueberries.

How do you cook it? Is a very common question from our customers so here are some suggestions for you:

Chop the leaves finely and steam them or saute them in a little butter and salt until tender (just a few minutes).

Add chopped leaves to a stew or soup a few minutes before you serve.

Rub chopped leaves in olive oil and seasoning massaging with your hands to breakdown the fibres and add to a salad of walnuts, berries and grated beets and carrots.

Top tip: Adding a squeeze of lemon to your kale will make the iron more absorbable  as well as bringing out the flavour.